My Favorite Movie – The Hobbit and Why I Love It So Much

the Hobbit Dwarves with Gollum, Bilbo Baggins, and Gandalf

I decided to do a post on what my favorite movie is.  I took a lot of different films that I love and broke it down to what each film made me feel.  One of my favorite movies or I should say trilogy is The Godfather.  That movie makes any man feel more manly.  You also can’t help it saying the lines, “Sleep with the fishes,” “Take it to the mattress,” “Make them an offer they can’t refuse,”  “It was you, Fredo.”  However, The Godfather didn’t cover all the bases on what makes the perfect or ‘my favorite movie.’  My favorite film has to stroke my ego like The Godfather but also I want sadness with some possible tears, as well as laughs.  The perfect film encompasses all of those feelings and makes the viewer go through an emotional roller coaster.

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