Why Gouldian Finches Make the Best Pets





Gouldian Finches have been considered to be very beautiful. The birds were initially found in Australia. Nowadays, most people around the world have kept these birds captive. Their name originates from an Australian explorer known as John Gould. Here are some the reasons why they are considered to be good pets.

Their appearance

Gouldian Finches are colorful. In fact, most people keep them at their home because of their appearance. They have a combination of several colors on their bodies. In fact, these birds can either be black, yellow or orange-headed.Another interesting fact about these birds is that the male appears to be more colorful to the female. The birds are also very short in stature.A mature Finch would measure up to six inches long. That is if measured from the beak to the tail feathers. The birds are not noisy at all. The male has soft voice for singing to lure a female Finch easily.

A suitable habitat for them

Captive Gouldian Finches can be kept in a cage or an aviary. Because of their small size, ensure that there are small spaces between the cage bars. This is to shield them from flying away, getting their head stuck between the bars or even get their wings broken. The cage should be wider horizontally to help them fly or move around the cage freely.



Inside the cage, several dishes should be found inside. One for bathing since they love staying clean and can even bathe up to three times a day. Two other dishes for water and food should also be available. Also, perches and several bird toys are a plus for the birds to play with them.

These birds do not do well in cold or damp temperatures. Keeping the temperature above 60 Fahrenheit will keep the birds warm. Colder weather conditions deteriorate their health especially the cold weather. Consequently, place the cage near a window where they can see some sunlight or you can alternatively take the cage out of the house during the day.

A Gouldian Finches Diet

Their diet mostly consists of lots of seed consumption. However, seeds do not provide the necessary nutrients needed for the birds. Nevertheless, the pet owner should always ensure that they have seeds in the cage. To balance their diets, add fresh vegetable, proteins such as hard boiled eggs and fruits are mandatory. Ensure that the food and water provided is clean and fresh.

How to breed them

For those who want to find Gouldian Finches for Sale, keep two. Remember, since they are social birds, having a companion next to it will increase its chances of survival and will make it feel at home. If you do not intend on have them reproduce, you can keep two of the same sex.

Why Even a Weird Company Needs Reputation Management





You might have been hearing about reputation management since long and wondering what all the fuss is about. How much do you need it? And does it make a difference at all, you might wonder. Corporate reputation is certainly important, in fact, it is the single driving force of the growth of a company and its progress. Reputation can either make or break a company, it can boost sales, kill off partnerships, attract more employees or deter opportunities, it all lies in the hands of a few people and it touches every single person involved with a company.  Even weird companies need reputation management.



It is undeniable that today people are more connected than ever, the Internet is a constant part of all our lives. Efficiency is important in every area, and information often gets misinterpreted in these channels as there is less flexibility in expressing ideas through text alone. It is important to ensure that the responses and reactions of people to various situations or releases about the company is always kept track of. You might not realize until it is much too late how much damage is being done by a competitor because you did not track the reputation of your company online. Thus reputation is all important in this day and age.





There are many tools and tactics that are used as a part of this process. You should understand that the firm’s credibility and the general feedback improves significantly when through surveys, articles, press releases and discussions your company is mentioned in a positive light. It encourages the growth of the business as more and more people talk about the firm and business spreads across the globe. Research and communications measurement is a critical part of reputation management today. For every firm that is aspiring to increase its growth and reach this is all important.


When the individual understands the folly, usually the problem is settled. If it has been done with interested passions in mind, no discussion is possible. Its group has to perform diversely then. They have to mess with the SEO resources to hide that picture under a flood of fresh, better and modern images.

There are many other reasons such as being able to maintain a good rapport and reputation with customers, promoting your firm and even letting the business community know about your achievements and growth as a firm. All of this is managed and done well keeping in mind the need to increase brand image in management. For both businesses and individuals, it is often the key to defending and maintaining a strong online presence. You can get many firms that work in this area and will find that your business grows faster than anticipated with these resources.  It’s the key to reputation management.

What to Consider When Choosing a Roofing Contractor




I know this isn’t the weirdest news to being posted, but I had a friend in Birmingham recently went through a hellish experience, and I didn’t want anyone to experience the same thing.

Choosing a roofing contractor is a difficult task especially when there are lots in your area. Since quality service is what you primarily need, hiring the right contractor is important.

Thus, in choosing the right roofing contractor you must consider the following:

Your First Impression

In identifying the right roofing Birmingham AL contractor, your first impression of them is important. A contractor that provides a clear estimate and explanation about your roofing system is a good choice.

A good contractor will be able to provide you a detailed overview of the works to be done, giving you an explanation of everything that you need to know about your roofing.

Watch out for some marketing techniques that some companies have. Brace yourself in case they would offer some additional which may cost you some amount.

The Contractor’s Reputation

In identifying the contractor’s reputation, you have to get suggestions and references from your friends and neighbors. A company with a good customer satisfaction rate is your best option.

Find out beforehand the proven track record of the roofing services company you are considering hiring.

The Insurance Coverage

To protect your home against some possible damages during the roof repair or installation process, you have to make sure that the roofing contractor has adequate insurance coverage.

Don’t hesitate to ask them about it. Remember that above everything else; you need to consider your safety and your property as well.

The Services they provide

Truly, not all roofing contractors are the same. There are some who are specialized in making repairs and some have expertise solely on installation.

Therefore, considering the kind of roofing services that they provide is necessary. You will only get the right assistance of you have the right people and the specialized ones to handle it.

Good contractors are those that provide regular services, make thorough supervision. They also do regular inspection throughout the process and give you constant updates.

The success of the roofing task that you have will depend on how you evaluated your prospect roofing company using the considerations above.Applying these factors, you’ll be confident the contractor you seek help from is good.

When looking for a roofing contractor, you will likely want to interview potential roofers and ask them questions. When interviewing potential roofers, you will want to discover how long their company has been in business; what kind of screening process their employees undergo; what kinds of licensing, training, and certifications they have; and if they are licensed and insured. All of these questions are important, and if a roofing company can answer your questions satisfactorily, you may want to consider giving them your business.

Before hiring a contractor, you will want to ask them to come to your home and give you an estimate. The estimate they provide should give you information about what the job will cost, what their proposed solution is, and how long it will take to complete the job.

Do take time in choosing the contractor to do the task for you and make it worth it for your money and time.


If you do run into problems, always know you should check first before hiring, but also any problems should be reported to the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Do You Know What a Tree Person Is? – Weird News for Christmas Week

What dominated social media recently was a man or possibly a woman dresses as a tree walking through intersections in Portland, Maine.  A video was shot by a local TV editor which made National News and dominated YouTube for quite some time.  Police eventually arrested the person when they became a public nuisance and blocked traffic.  Anyone that tried to speak to the “tree” was met with silence – this even included the police, which probably also led to the arrest.  Local residents were quick to snap pics and post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube showing how weird and wacky one of their residents was.  Social Media Management Services were not able to keep up with how quickly viral this story went.



In other news – how bout a “Santa” playing flaming bagpipes and holding a stack of presents?  If you have the talent at riding a pointless contraception as a unicycle and if you can play the bagpipes, why not show the world?  This Santa Unicycler goes by the name of Brian Kidd, and plays “Ode to Joy,” in Portland, OR.




Finally, to finish off our Christmas post, Sri Lanka has claimed the tallest “fake” Christmas tree.  The funny thing is that it barely was finished in time, and the original plans had the tree much taller.  The artificial tree stands at 238 ft. tall in the capital of Colombo.  The previous record holder in the city of Guangzhou is 59 ft. shorter.  The tree had over a million real pine cones that were painted festive colors attached to it, 600,000 christmas lights and a 20 foot tall lit up star.


The tree cost $80k and the local Catholic Church was quick to state, “such a waste of money.  The money could be better spent helping the poor.”  Most of the money came from donations from private individuals and organizations.

Guinness World Records has not yet visited the tree to confirm if they did break the world record.  So the tree in the city of Guangzhou is still the current record holder.

These are the Christmas stories that dominated social media for Christmas Week.


Delaware History During The American Revolution




The history of Delaware and the American Revolution is closely intertwined as it was not only one of the Thirteen Colonies that rebelled against the British rule in 1776, but it has also become `Delaware` itself from the three counties that were present in the area shortly after the revolution began, in the same year. Previously, the area was inhabited by Delaware, Susquehanna and other Native American tribes. Before the British claimed the area in 1664 it was briefly a Dutch, then a Swedish colony under the names of New Netherland and New Sweden.

During the American Revolution the most important battle that happened in the area was the Battle of Cooch`s Bridge. Cooch`s Bridge is located in the area that is now the city of Newark, and the battle began on 30th August 1777 approximately 2 miles away from the bridge. In the battle, the British forces that landed at Maryland were advancing towards Philadelphia. The Americans, wishing to delay their march, staged an ambush and while their attack took a great toll on the British and Hessian forces, the Americans were far outnumbered and were forced to retreat. The number of American casualties amounted up to about 30 people from the approximately 700 strong troops they initially started off with. The battle went on for nearly for days and the American forces were defeated on 3rd September. After the battle the British took over the area and the leader of the forces, General Cornwallis used the Cooch house as their headquarters for the following short period of time.  An interesting fact is that a lot of Delaware’s contribution to the Revolution War came from roofing companies in Delaware.



Another important battle happened soon after, however not literally on the ground of Delaware, but in Pennsylvania, few miles away from the border at Brandywine Creek, where the British forces defeated the troops of Washington. Not soon after, in the battle of Wilmington, the British captured the president – the term for governor used in Delaware at the time – of Delaware in a surprise attack.

The independence of Delaware was confirmed on 1783 in the Treaty of Paris along with the rest of the United States of America. Delaware was also the first state to ratify the United States Constitution.